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Our start —
A breaking point to a turning point.

Joel Thompson developed the Mindset project in 2012 after discovering his passion in helping others, beginning with his first workshops for the Australian Indigenous Leadership Center in Canberra. Having grown-up in a remote community in NSW around domestic violence, unstable housing, and drug and alcohol abuse, his resulting self-destructive behaviour threatened to destroy his professional rugby career and personal relationship. He found himself struggling with his mental health over the years, even at the height of his success.

After a breakdown in 2011, Joel finally sought professional help. Taking the opportunity to address his demons, and through a lot of personal development work, he managed to develop the mindset he needed to reshape his own path, and the resilience to deal with setbacks. As a result of his hard work, his passion to help, and his personal understanding of the tough upbringing, Joel has been invited to share his journey with many schools, sports clubs, cultural and business organisations over the last seven years.

Through these speaking experience, Joel has developed his inspiring Mindset Project. Sharing his own story and workshopping a series of mindset practices and coping strategies, his program has been successfully tailored to suit various group needs. Suitable and engaging for both young and adults, the Mindset Project has proven successful in helping many people change the perception they have of themselves and what they are capable of achieving.


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